Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz   3.79 GHz
RAM    32.0 GB 

Lenovo Idea pad Gaming (For backup and field recordings on rehearsal studios)

Cubase 12
Various Vst instrumehnts and plugins.


Neuman U87 Ai silver
Audio Technica AT4050
BeyerDynamic m160 ribon mic
Shure sm57
Shure sm58
AKG portable Drum mics set

Monitoring system
Dynaudio BM12A
Yamaha NS10 powered by Bryston 2B amplifier.
The monitoring is done via an Analog (digitally controlled) Control room module by I.J Research programable for mix & master level matching, analogue mix recording, etc.

Mic Preamps & outboard
Albatross dual mic pre by I.J Research
2 UN76 compressors (1176 enhanced replica) - equipped with dual release, Sidechain bypass & NEVE output circuits.

Lyra 2 by Prism Sound.

AKG K702
2 Audio technica ATH M30x
Headphones amplifier - Behringer powerplay pro8

MIDI controllers
MIDITECH control - 61
Steinberg CC121

Musical instruments

U1 upright piano
Martin D35 50 anniversary edition acoustic guitar
American Fender stratocaster custumed with dynamic EMG pickups and VARIOUS GUITAR PEDALS 

Fender Blues junior