Music Production

Liked what you heard here? Let's take a journey together and produce your song / album. Contact me and  let me know exactly what is in your mind and we'll make it happen. Prices are customized exclusively to your project and needs. Want to hear my work?

Music Licensing   

All the music you hear at this website is available for licensing. All the materials are original and registered with a P.R.O under my name and I'm free to negotiate licensing terms for any media! Contact for more info.



Need a melody? Text? Whole song? Prices change according to specific demands but an average 2.5 - 4 min song ,including melody & text, is priced for $350. Melody/ text only -  for $200 each. Also a publishing percentage will be negotiated and will be added to the price. Contact for more info. Want to hear my work? 

Mixing a song of up to 4min' and up to 40 tracks costs $350 (includes 1 revision) afterwards the payment is by the hour ($50). Contact for more info.     


$100 per track. (I master in the box).